Please consult below the list of papers approved for presentation at the 7th ITRC (both posters and oral presentations), and inclusion in the Proceedings of the Conference.

Poster printing will be done on charge of the Conference. Please submit the final version of your poster, respecting the dimensions limit and other instruction available on the Poster Guidelines section, until January 30th, through the paper submitting system. Files should be in either PDF or PPTX formats. Posters will be exposed in both Poster Sessions, in February 10th (Monday) and 11th (Tuesday).

Oral presentation files do not need to be sent in advance, but we ask for all presentation files to be handed for the Organizing Committee in the beginning of the Conference, February 10th, 08:00am.


Paper # Title Author Presentation Session
0009 Understanding The Quality Factors That Impact The Rice Price M Fitzgerald oral 1 – 10feb morning
0020 Productivity And Quality Of Rice Varieties Of Arrri Breeding V Kovalev oral 1 – 10feb morning
0033 Boosting Inia’s Rice Breeding Program With Molecular And Quantitative Genetics Approaches JE Rosas oral 1 – 10feb morning
0037 Contribution Of Flar Breeding Program To Increase Cold Tolerance And Shortening Growth Cycle In Chilean Rice Germplasm Y Sanabria oral 1 – 10feb morning
0045 Detecting Acetyl-Coenzyme A Carboxylase Resistance Gene In Rice JA Noldin oral 1 – 10feb morning
0048 The Trends And Results Of Rice Breeding In The Russian Federation G Zelensky oral 1 – 10feb morning
0056 Delivering Premium Japonica Product From Australian Rice Production- Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be. P Snell oral 1 – 10feb morning
0005 Effects Of Deep Seeding On Weed Management And Crop Response In California Rice A Ceseski oral 2 – 10feb afternoon
0022 Use And Management Of Accase-Resistant Rice Technology In The United States EP Webster oral 2 – 10feb afternoon
0034 Effect Of Sowing Date On Four Critical Traits For Temperate Japonica Rice Cultivation During The Last 10 Years K Cordero oral 2 – 10feb afternoon
0036 Understanding Low Temperature Tolerance At The Young Microspore Stage Under Aerobic Conditions In Rice. CD Proud oral 2 – 10feb afternoon
0042 How Much Is The Potential, Actual And Yield Gap Of Irrigated Rice In Brazil? LD Meus oral 2 – 10feb afternoon
0043 Loyant Herbicide, A New Mode Of Action For The Challenging Weed Management In Rice In Chile. P Riveros oral 2 – 10feb afternoon
0058 Planejarroz: Software For Irrigated Rice Management Planning And Yield Estimation S Steinmetz oral 2 – 10feb afternoon
0077 Evaluation Of Energy Consumption In Rice-Based And Alternative- Cropping Systems Through Process-Analysis G Theisen oral 2 – 10feb afternoon
0001 Arsenic Concentration In Grains Of Commercial Rice Varieties, Under Two Irrigation Systems. Argentina CE Quintero oral 3 – 11feb morning
0007 The Effect Of Water Saving Practices On Rice Grain Quality In South Eastern Australia RM Wood oral 3 – 11feb morning
0011 Is Brazilian Rice Immune To Shocks? AE Wander oral 3 – 11feb morning
0012 New Strategies For The Management Of Major Rice Diseases In Guyana. R Persaud oral 3 – 11feb morning
0014 Evaluation Of Nitrogen Management In Furrow Irrigated Rice DL Harrell oral 3 – 11feb morning
0025 Rice Productivity And Resource Use Efficiencies In Uruguay A Roel oral 3 – 11feb morning
0054 Rice Yield And N Use Efficiency In A Long-Term Rice-Pastures-Crops Rotations Experiment In Uruguay I Macedo oral 3 – 11feb morning
0002 Yield Components, Photoassimilates And Nutrients Partitioning In New Rice Varieties MA Zamero poster
0003 Aquatic Insects In Rice Fields From The East Of Uruguay L Bao poster
0004 Upland Rice Production Residual Herbicide Overlay LC Webster poster
0006 Cyperus Difformis Als Cross-Resistance Levels And Target-Site Characterization A Ceseski poster
0008 The Effect Of Nitrogen Rate And Timing On Rice Grain Quality In South Eastern Australia RM Wood poster
0010 Herbicide Surface-Coated Urea For Aquatic Weed Control In Rice WB Greer poster
0013 Additive Main Effects And Multiplicative Interaction (AMMI) Analysis Of Grain Yield Stability Of Promising Rice Genotypes In Guyana R Persaud poster
0015 Improving Monitoring And Management Of Armyworms In California Rice L Espino poster
0016 Irrigation Management And Variety Effects On Rice Grain Arsenic Levels In Uruguay. G Carracelas poster
0017 Irrigation Management Strategies To Increase Water Productivity In Oryza Sativa (rice) In Uruguay G Carracelas poster
0019 Comparison Of Delayed Flood And Furrow Irrigated Drill-Seeded Rice In South Louisiana M Kongchum poster
0021 Comparison Of Unmanned Aerial System And Active Crop Canopy Sensors Vegetative Index To Estimate Rice Grain Yield Potential A Coker poster
0023 Intensification Alternatives To Rice-Pasture Systems: Energy Use Efficiency I Macedo poster
0024 Sustainability Assessment Tool Applied In Large Scale, Mechanized Rice Systems In Uruguay I Macedo poster
0026 Assessment Of Yield Gaps Using Field-Level Data In Uruguay A Roel poster
0027 Interaction Between Salinity And Als-Inhibitor Resistance And Consequences On Germination And Seedling Growth In Rice, Weedy Rice And Barnyardgrass S Fogliatto poster
0028 New Clearfield Rice Lines – Uruguay Rice Breeden Program. F Molina poster
0030 Genetics Of Grain Arsenic Content In Two Advanced Rice Breeding Populations JE Rosas poster
0031 Comparison Of Conventional And Gblup Genome-Wide Association Mapping Of Cold Tolerance In Advanced Rice Breeding Populations I Rebollo poster
0032 Consolidating Inia’s Rice Breeding Program Database, Phase I: Historical Indica Trials S Scheffel poster
0035 Towards A More Sustainable Rice Crop: The Rice System Intensification (SRI) Experience In Chilean Temperate Japonica Rice K Cordero poster
0038 Cooking Quality In Latin American Temperate Rice Determined By Grain Viscosity Profile Y Sanabria poster
0039 Identifying Loci And Developing Reliable Markers For Low Temperature Tolerance At The Young Microspore Stage. CD Proud poster
0040 Use Of Loyant® For Sedges Control In Flooded Rice Crops A Bundt poster
0041 Consequences Of Early Bloom Of Nuisance Algae In Rice: The Case Of California Sara Ohadi poster
0046 Yield Potential Of Rice In Southern Brazil Lowlands LD Meus poster
0047 Applying Geotechnologies For Grain Yield Intensification And Diversification In Uruguay M Bueno poster
0049 Loyant Herbicide, A New Tool For The Challenging Weed Management In Rice In Argentina. MB Buchanan poster
0050 Off-Target Florpyrauxifen-Benzyl And Its Effect On Soybean Yield Components DC Walker poster
0051 Selectivity Of Profoxydim And Metamifop On Rice Varieties At The Eastern Region Of Uruguay NE Saldain poster
0052 Rice-Soybean-Pasture/Cattle Rotation Under Pivot Irrigation, New Horizons For Uruguayan Agriculture G Zorrilla poster
0053 Rice Ecophysiology: Climatic Variables And Yield At Uruguay FBP Vida poster
0055 Arsenic Content And Speciation In Uruguayan Rice FC Beltrami poster
0057 Irrigated Rice Seed Quality, Epagri Cultivars, In Function Of Harvest Time LR Terres poster
0059 Critical Nitrogen-Dilution Curves For Rice In Uruguay G Fabini poster
0060 Evaluation Of Post-Emergence Herbicide Activity On Louisiana Aquatic Weeds BM McKnight poster
0061 Evaluation Of New Rice Herbicides In A Salvage Situation In Louisiana Rice SY Rustom poster
0062 New Rice Columnar Ideotypes And Its Interaction With Reducing Row Spacing JL Colazo poster
0063 Equivalence Of Rice Hybrids With Fullpage Technology AB Brum poster
0065 Alternatives For Handling Rice Straw To Favor Its Decomposition In Direct Sowing Systems M Grohs poster
0066 Increasing Rice Productivity By Improving Population And Nitrogen Management C Marchesi poster
0067 Seed Shattering In Weedy Rice Is Not Similarly Regulated As In Cultivated Rice A Merotto Jr  
0068 Tolerance To Flooding During Germination And Early Growth Of Weedy Rice A Merotto Jr poster
0069 Differences In Seed Longevity Between Quinclorac-Resistant And Susceptible Barnyardgras ALP Amato poster
0070 Economic Result Of Rice Crop In The 2019 Grow Season JB Beltrao poster
0071 Seed Dormancy In Aeschynomene Denticulata And Aeschynomene Indica A Andres poster
0072 Influence Of Application Timing On Urea-Nitrogen-15 Recovery In Irrigated Rice WB Scivittaro poster
0073 Soil Carbon Stocks In Lowlands Of Southern Brazil: Effect Of Soil Tillage System And Crop Rotation System  CL Lacerda poster
0074 Brazil Certificate - Rice Export Value Added MLT Mattos poster
0075 Effect Of Nitrogen Fertilization, Seed Treatment, And Simulation Of Root Damage By Insects On The Severity Of Rice Blast (Pyricularia Oryzae Cav.) In The Panicle CDM Nunes poster
0076 Lignin Content In Rice Roots Sclerenchyma Affects The South American Rice Water Weevil (Col.: Curculionidae) Growth And Fitness JB Pazini poster
0078 Temperate Climate Rice Microorganisms Collection MLT Mattos poster
0079 Seasonal Greenhouse Gas Emissions Of Irrigated Rice Cultivars TM Jardim poster
0080 Crop Rotation As A Strategy To Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Lowlands Of Southern Brazil WB Scivittaro poster
0081 Effects Of Nitrogen Sources On Greenhouse Gas Emission In Temperate Irrigated Rice TA Veçozzi poster
0082 Performance Of F6 Generation Lines Selected For Physical Grain Quality Attributes In Irrigated Rice AM Magalhães Jr poster
0083 Does Rice Seeding Date Influences Pre-Emergence Herbicides Efficiency For Barnyardgrass Control? A Andres poster
0084 Sensorial Analysis Applied To Rice In Italy B Massimo poster
0085 Rice Variety In Italy: Evolution And Trends B Massimo poster
0086 Continuous Flood With Intermittent Supply Of Irrigation Water In Rice JA Petrini poster
0087 Sowing Date And Soil Moisture Influence Aeschynomene Seedling Emergence MB Martins poster
0088 Performance Of Rice Crop As Function Of Seed Treatment And Irrigation Method In Temperate Climate TS Melo poster
0089 Control Of Jointvetch (Aeschynomene Spp.), Establishment And Productivity Of Rice As A Function Of [Imazapic + Imazapyr] Doses LBX Silva poster
0090 Characterization of the Weed Flora in Rice Areas under Distinct Cropping Systems and Herbicide Managements TS Melo poster
0091 Weed Flora in Rice Areas under Distinct Cropping Systems, Herbicide and Irrigation Managements LBX Silva poster
0092 Cover Crop And Tillage Effect On The Weed Seed Bank In Lowlands FP Goulart poster






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