Poster Guidelines / Templates

Poster and Oral Presentations Guidelines for the International Temperate Rice Conference

Poster template can be found here Download Template

• Poster template is a suggestion; you are free to use your own Poster template and style, while respecting the instructions supplied below.

• The author on charge of the paper submission should indicate, at the appropriate field in the paper template, preference for oral or poster presentation.

• Posters should be prepared in A0 format:
1189 mm (height) x 841 mm (width) - [46.8 in (height) x 33.1 in (width)], in portrait format (no landscape).

• Figures should not be smaller than 12 cm x 18 cm and should have short, informative captions.

• 30 authors will be selected in advance to give a short oral presentation, rather than poster, on their paper topic. Presentations are limited to the maximum of eight minutes, plus four minutes for audience questions. You will be allowed up to ten PowerPoint slides to present with. Summarizing: 8min for presentation; 4min for audience question; up to 10 slides per presentation.

• Posters should be written in English and be a stand‐alone visual representation of your submitted abstract. Figures, tables and schematic representations of your work are preferred rather than heavy text blocks. Either American English or British English spelling are accepted, but please do not mix them in the same paper / poster / oral presentation.

• The title and authors’ names of your poster or oral presentation should be the same as the ones in the submitted paper; organization and a contact email address should be included.

• Please consider readability for both poster and oral presentations. Important information should be readable from up to 2 meters for posters. The committee recommends 48‐ to 60‐point font size for headings and 24‐ to 36‐point font size for the content of the poster.

• Introduction and conclusion are the two most important parts of a poster that invite further discussion. Make them simple, concise and visual.

• Each authors is allowed to submit up to 2 posters to the Conference, regarding the papers submitted by the same author.

• Please submit your posters in .PPTX or .PDF formats. Printing will be done in color, on charge of the Conference, and posters will be available for authors at the Front Desk of the main Conference location (Embrapa Clima Temperado).





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