Online registration period for new participants in the 7th International Temperate Rice Conference (ITRC) has been closed.

New registrations can be made personally, at the Front Desk on 9th February, in the Welcome Reception / Opening Conference session.

For additional information and instructions, please feel free to email us at

Registration fee at the 7th International Temperate Rice Conference (7th ITRC)

US$ 420.00 (North American dollars), for all delegates. (Value Without Discount)

Professionals associated to the South Brazilian Rice Association (SOSBAI), who are also up to date with their annual fees, are eligible for 50% discount in the 7th ITRC registration fee, as a benefit granted by SOSBAI.

How to pay


- For any delegate, through credit card or PayPal funds

Wired Transfer

- For international delegates, on demand (paypal is prefered, however). If you need to pay for your registration through international money transfer, please email the Organizing Committee for instructions, at

Banking Billet (Boleto Bancário)

- For Brazilian delegates only.


- For Brazilian public institutions, on demand – please contact the Organizing Committee by email, if your institution demands payment through Empenho, at


Participant registration in the Conference may be made at the Opening Session, in Feb. 9th. For these registrations, only payment in cash (either US Dollars or Brazilian Real) will be accepted. We strongly recommend the payment of the registration fee to be effected via the website in advance, to avoid delays in the Conference Opening.

Deadlines for registration to the 7th ITRC

06 January 2020

- Online registration for delegates who will submit manuscripts to the conference (manuscript deadline). In this case, the registration fee must be paid until 08 January 2020;

31 January 2020

- Online registration for participation only; payment of the registration fee must be effected until 02 February 2020;

09 February 2020

- At this date only, registrations may be made at the desk, personally, if there are still vacant seats in the Conference main auditory.

You may register and submit your manuscript online without paying the registration fee; the peer reviewing process will occur normally. However, manuscripts will only be accepted and included in the Conference Proceedings for those delegates who have paid their registration fees up to 08 January 2019.

Please note we will peer review your submission and we can propose suggestions to improve your manuscript, but all submitted manuscripts, whose author’s registration fee is paid, will be automatically accepted. The final quality of the manuscript, both in grammar as well as in content, is solely an author’s responsibility.

What is included in your registration fee

- Field day at the Quatro Irmãos farm, in the city of Rio Grande;
- Field day at the 30th Official Rice Harvest Season Opening, in the city of Capão do Leão;
- Official Conference Dinner (Brazilian Barbecue);
- Lunch on February 10th and 11th;
- Conference Opening Cocktail;
- Conference material;
- Full access to all activities during the Conference.





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